Our History:

Our founder Ekrem Korkmaz, coming from an apprenticeship in the profession, established Serhat Torna in 2004 with his knowledge, experience and dynamic structure at every stage of his production life.
established, and contributed to our production life, mainly automotive, agricultural and construction machinery.

Serhat Torna continues its activities as a global supply, export and import consultancy organization by bringing together the developing and rapidly growing international demands with the domestic production supply, with its vision, years of knowledge, wide experience and a professional perspective.

In particular, it has undertaken the mission of contributing to our country and economy by organizing all processes in the promotion and marketing of our products, which are our national production, in international markets, price, risk analysis, export and import in these markets.

It is a fact that technology, which has been changing rapidly from the past to the present, is of great importance at every stage of our lives. With a fast and scientific approach in a competitive environment, we have to make a brand of our products and take our share in the market by introducing them to the whole world. The responsibility given to us by this thought is our aim to find new markets for our manufacturers and to develop the existing ones.

It is almost impossible for suppliers to find the right customers for their products with traditional sales and marketing methods. Here, in this period, Serhat Global analyzes the best offers in the market and creates a business process together.